Collection of t-shirts with different tie-dye patterns

DIY 4 Tie-Dye

DIY 4 Tie-Dye is here to teach you how to tie-dye, because what could be more fun than making your very own tie-dyed creations?   Maybe you tie-dyed shirts at summer camp, and now that you’re home you want to make more or you want to teach your friends how to tie-dye.  Maybe you want to include a tie-dying activity at  a birthday party or for a sports team-bonding party.  Maybe you are looking for a fun activity for kids during a school vacation. Maybe you want to make matching t-shirts for family or friends to wear for a special occasion like a family reunion or vacation.  Whatever your purpose, it’s sure to be a fun time.

The next step, of course, is to learn how to tie-dye yourself.  DIY 4 Tie-Dye will answer your questions such as:

How do I tie-dye?

You will find general instructions at How to Tie-Dye.  You can also find specific instructions for how to create different patterns and designs.  Check out different tie-dye patterns and designs at the Tie-Dye Gallery.  If you find patterns that you like in the gallery, just click on them to find specific instructions for how to create those patterns.

What tie-dye supplies do I need?

You will find a complete list of the supplies you will need at How to Tie-Dye.

How do I create those cool tie-dye patterns I’ve seen?

You will find instructions for these classic patterns here.  You can use these instructions to learn how to make a spiral pattern, a stripe pattern, or a heart pattern.

Where can I get ideas for fun new tie-dye designs?

You will find ideas and instructions for different tie-dye designs here too.  You can use these instructions to learn how to make a shirt with a Hidden Mickey design.

Please enjoy these ideas and instructions and learn how to create the designs you want in the colors you want.  Have fun making awesome, unique do-it-yourself creations.



DIY Instructions for Cool Tie-Dye Patterns